We conduct wildlife habitat assessments, demographic profiling and behavioural analysis for field studies as part of EIAs and larger wildlife monitoring and management programs for science and industry.

Wildlife Field Studies

Wildlife Ecology

We are experts in the behaviour, ecology and phenology of Canadian mammalian wildlife. Among other things, we track environmental and population trends in many wild furbearer populations, including disease, dispersal and demography.

We are also adept at field surveys and habitat assessments, as well as wildlife tracking, live capture, and handling.

We will get the information you need to know, be it for EIAs, monitoring programs, single-species studies, development strategy or conflict management.

We use the most non-invasive methods of traversing terrainWe asses situations from macro and micro perspectivesWe use technology alongside an appreciation of primitive skillsets

Sign Identification & Tracking

We have the unique expertise to authoritatively confirm species presence and trace target wildlife movement patterns from tracks and sign in both winter and summer.

Population Surveys

We can perform comprehensive wildlife population surveys at any landscape scale.

Habitat/Ecosystem Evaluation

We know Alberta's ecosystems like the back of our hand, and can assess natural and anthropogenic habitats in the context of any objective of understanding. Examples:

Geospatial Mapping

We use GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to analyze, interpret and report distributions and trends in wildlife and habitat across time and space. Our GIS products provide our clients with comprehensive and actionable visualizations of our observations and findings.