We provide a comprehensive array of professional services dealing with wildlife at industrial sites all over Alberta, including monitoring industrial infrastructure against wildlife encroachment, animal deterrence, capture and relocation, damage assessment, mitigation and prevention, beaver control, dealing with large predators, and wildlife management strategies to increase safety, reduce conflict, and meet stakeholder objectives.

Services for Industry

Problem Wildlife Risk Assessment & Mitigation Planning

We can assist you in assessing and monitoring your industrial and natural environment for wildlife issues of any type, and formulate and execute comprehensive response and mitigation plans. Examples include:

Coyote Scavenging For FoodGIS Map for geolocation

Wildlife Situation Response

We are the #1 professional responder for swiftly dealing with dangerous wildlife situations on industrial worksites.

Notify Fish & Wildlife and then call us ASAP at 1877-446-0204 if there is an industrial wildlife situation (e.g. large predator sighted in a work camp) where human safety may be in danger and you require expert intervention.

We are the only private company with the skills, experience and safety clearances to handle such incidents properly and in a timely fashion.

Industrial Wildlife Rescue

We provide quick response to rescue, transport and treat wildlife exposed to tailings ponds and spill zones.

Predator Risk & Safety

Trained and armed escort by Animal Damage Control Alberta

Alberta is wildlife country. Working in the field always carries a risk of danger from wildlife encounters, even in groups and with standard PPE. The most recent fatal wildlife attack on an industrial site was in 2014.

Prevention is better than cure. We can assess an area for danger wildlife and, if necessary, set up a realtime wildlife monitoring system to alert both your staff and ours of encroaching predators (e.g. bears) so that appropriate measures can be taken immediately before it becomes a threat.

We can also provide your field personnel with essential training in wildlife safety, awareness and protocol and what to do in the event of a wildlife encounter. Training can be general or species specific, and tailored to the roles and experience levels of the trainees. For more details, contact us or check out our Training section.

Lastly, for essential work in especially high risk areas (e.g. area with active large predator sightings), we can provide armed escorts on-site in tandem with identifying and eliminating the threat.

Conflict Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. Wildlife-human conflicts sometime stem from a systemic root cause such as an attractant, an uncontrolled source, or an absence of best practices.

We can investigate, provide and implement recommendations to not only resolve current conflicts but proactively prevent recurrences in the future, removing any continued risk to humans and infrastructure.

Field Studies & Special Projects

Large industry partners have benefited from our diverse and comprehensive skillsets and in-depth knowledge of wildlife behaviour, ecology and phenology in field studies and special projects.

Our large, well trained crew can take on any size project.Even in the most hostile environments we are able to do our job.

Our extensively trained and equipped crews are ready to deploy anywhere, anytime.

We are Fully Certified & Licensed

Our elite field personnel possess extensive government/industry standard and advanced training, certification and licensing to be able to perform our jobs safely and effectively under all conditions.

Excellent Safety Record & Coverage

ADC has a stellar track record built on the extensive training, field experience, and vetting our crew accumulates. We have regular re-training programs and risk/hazard assessment and management protocols exceeding industry standards and policies. We also actively contribute to developing effective standards and best practices for safe human-wildlife coexistence.

We carry comprehensive $5,000,000.00 liability insurance with explosives use and TDG endorsements. We also have WCB coverage and received a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Safety Council. To date Animal Damage Control has never filed a claim nor had any action brought against us.

We have a perfect safety record.

Unique Techniques, Skills & Protocols

Our field personnel are trained in-house in specialized advanced techniques and protocols unique to ADC for working in remote field sites, including:


We an approved commercial contractor on CanQual, ISNetworld and SECOR, for the convenience of our commercial clients.