Municipalities and county governments big and small all over Alberta trust Animal Damage Control to deliver timely, effective and humane wildlife solutions for problem wildlife in cities and rural areas alike.
We can assist you in assessing and monitoring your municipality for wildlife issues of any type, and executing comprehensive response and mitigation plans to prevent property damage and enhance public safety.

Services for Municipalities

Arboral and Hydrology Protection

We monitor waterways and wetlands and take measures against beaver habitation and damage to surrounding trees, preventing dam-induced flooding or erosion.

Where necessary, we can remove and relocate beavers humanely and breach dams using a variety of methods to alleviate existing and potential flooding. Municipalities across Alberta have benefited from our proactive management strategies for decades.

Fallen trees by beaversFlooding caused by beaver infestationDam removal by Animal Damage Control.

Beavers can cause substantial damage to county and municipal property and infrastructure through their natural dam-flooding and tree-falling behaviours.

Urban Wildlife Management & Abatement

We can respond to and resolve all issues relating to urban wildlife including digging rodents, roosting/migratory birds, scavengers and predators on city property. In addition, we can assess property development areas for potential sensitive or problem species and recommend and implement measures aimed at wildlife conflict prevention and property protection into development planning.

Large Urban Wildlife Conflict Management

Large urban wildlife such as coyotes have become a concern in recent years as they encroach on and habituate to developed and residential areas. We are partnered with the urban coyote research programs in both Edmonton and Calgary and have extensive experience working with large urban wildlife to reduce and prevent potential conflict with humans.

In case of one or more problem animals being reported, we can track the animals, assess the situation and discretely implement appropriate courses of action in cooperation with the municipality, including removal and relocation.

Coyote wandering on urban land in search for food.Trapped coyote has been sedated.

Conflict Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. Wildlife-human conflicts sometime stem from a systemic root cause such as an attractant, an uncontrolled source, or an absence of best practices.

We can investigate, provide and implement recommendations to not only resolve current conflicts but proactively prevent recurrences in the future, removing any continued risk to humans and infrastructure and promoting the peaceful coexistence of wildlife and humans.

Humane Removal

Our reputation is built on our ability to resolve conflicts with wildlife quickly while maintaining a commitment to international humane and ethical standards and respect for animals.

Our staff are vet-trained in wildlife handling and chemical immobilization and have extensive experience in successful live trapping and relocation. Lethal options are only considered when there are no viable alternatives, and done as humanely as possible with the approval of authorities.

Trapped Beaver in cageTrapped beaver being reloated

Excellent Safety Record & Coverage

ADC has a stellar track record built on the extensive training, field experience, and vetting our crew accumulates. We have regular re-training programs and risk/hazard assessment and management protocols exceeding industry standards and policies. We also actively contribute to developing effective standards and best practices for safe human-wildlife coexistence.

We carry comprehensive $5,000,000.00 liability insurance, WCB coverage and have a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Safety Council. To date Animal Damage Control has never filed a claim nor had any action brought against us.

We have a perfect safety record, and have a solid history operating in the biggest cities in Alberta.