From birds and small rodents to large urban scavengers, nuisance wildlife can cause damage to structures and landscaping, reducing property values, raising maintenance costs, and posing threats to human health and safety.
We offer professional, courteous and expert service on all wildlife issues encountered on residential and commercial properties province-wide, whether urban or rural.

Services for Residential/Commercial Properties

General Wildlife Problem Resolution

We assist property owners with the resolution of all animal-related issues, including digging and climbing rodents, roosting/migratory birds, bats, skunks, scavengers and predators. For a general overview of the species we deal with and the issues they may face, see our wildlife section.

Where necessary, we can removal and relocate nuisance wildlife species from residential and commercial properties.

Humane Removal

Our reputation is built on our ability to resolve conflicts with wildlife quickly while maintaining a commitment to international humane and ethical standards and respect for animals.

Our staff are vet-trained in wildlife handling and have extensive experience in successful live trapping and relocation. Lethal options are only considered when there are no viable alternatives, and done as humanely as possible with the approval of authorities.

beaver having a bad timetrapped beaver being relocated to new home

Damage Inspection & Repair

We can inspect damage done by wildlife to dwellings property and provide professional estimates.

Conflict Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. Wildlife-human conflicts sometime stem from a systemic root cause such as access, attractants, uncontrolled sources, or the absence of best practices.

We can investigate, provide and implement recommendations to not only resolve current conflicts but proactively prevent recurrences in the future, removing any continued risk to humans and infrastructure.

Our trained staff can safely asses any damage scenarioroof spikes installed to discourage birds from landing

If you are dealing with a wildlife situation...

Do not approach the animal.

Do not approach or handle a wild animal, even when apparently trapped or dead. There is a risk zoonotic diseases are present and special precautions must be taken. Our professional staff are trained in handling wildlife using tools and techniques that minimize the chances of contamination and infection.

Do not attempt to clean up any leavings left by the animal(s), again to protect yourself form zoonotic diseases.

Call Us

Give us a call at 1877-446-0204 and we can assess your situation and assist you.

If human life or limbs are in imminent danger, you should also contact the police at 911 and/or Fish & Wildlife 1877-446-0204 to report the situation immediately.