We provide specialized and turnkey wildlife consulting tailored to the needs of our clients. If it has anything to do with wildlife, we have the skills and expertise for any undertaking, from conception to completion.
Our past clients have included landowners, biologists, conservation groups, and corporations, with engagements running the gamut from predation investigation and wildlife handling to habitat research and protected species conservation.

Special Projects

Wildlife Research Assistance

We have experience live-trapping and handling many wildlife species, including wolves, coyotes, foxes, lynx, wolverine, marten, fisher, beaver, muskrat, skunks, etc. for radio-collaring/tagging, taking samples, etc.

We can train graduate students and biologists to assist in wildlife trapping and handling. However, we cannot train and certify others in chemical immobilization; such training must be received from an approved and certified wildlife veterinarian.

We have relocated every local animal known to alberta including Coyotes.Wolverine with fixed radio collar for population study

Predator Response & Investigations

We are the #1 professional responder for swiftly dealing with dangerous wildlife situations.

Notify Fish & Wildlife and then call us ASAP at 1877-446-0204 if there is a dangerous wildlife situation (e.g. large predator sighted) and you require expert intervention.

We are the only private company with the skills, experience and safety clearances to handle such incidents properly and in a timely fashion.

We can also conduct investigations into agricultural depredation incidents, employing forensic techniques, behavioural analysis and tracking to build a case narrative with high certainty. We can remove the predator is still at large, and provide expert testimony if necessary.

We are Fully Certified & Licensed

Our field personnel are extensively trained and fully qualified to carry out any task relating to any wildlife species, under any condition.

Excellent Safety Record & Coverage

ADC has a stellar safety track record built on the extensive training, field experience, and vetting our crew accumulates. We have regular re-training programs exceeding industry standards and policies. We also actively contribute to developing effective standards and best practices for safe human-wildlife coexistence.

We have WCB and full liability coverage.

Unique Techniques, Skills & Protocols

Our field personnel are trained in-house in specialized advanced techniques and protocols unique to ADC for working in remote field sites, including:


We an approved commercial contractor on CanQual, ISNetworld and SECOR, for the convenience of our commercial clients.