We provide comprehensive hands-on safety and field skills training tailored to the needs of our clients, from bear safety and response to backcountry survival for remote work crews.
While workers in field exploration and operations in Northern Alberta are a growing segment of our trainees, our alumni include forest service and wilderness rangers stationed across the world.

Training Areas

Wildlife Safety & Awareness

Field personnel are constantly exposed to potential encounters with wildlife; it is important to train them to be able to maintain an awareness of their field situation, and respond rationally and effectively in the event of an encounter in order to maintain safety and productivity.

We provide detailed environmentally-specific training utilizing information from the latest research on wildlife behaviour to workers at all levels of responsibility and remoteness, be it managing wildlife safety on a major facility to remote work crews.

Large Predator Response

Encounters with large predators such as wolves, cougars and bears are very rare but still a hazard of working in remote regions that must be taken into account. In addition to standard awareness, best practices and protocol, we conduct field training and live-fire exercises on actual last-resort responses for averting and engaging wildlife attacks, with and without firearms, and how to deal with the aftermath. This is geared more towards specialized backcountry workers with increased exposure and isolation, such as wilderness rangers, guides, and military personnel.

Learn how to respond to threats and non-threats from indigineous species like the brown bearWe also offer firearms training and safety courses in Alberta.

Wildlife Trapping & Handling

We train biologists in the species-specific use of traps and handling of captured wildlife for tagging, sampling, and radio-collaring. The extent of the training we can provide however does not include chemical immobilization; certification for the latter to satisfy IAUTP requirements must be received from an approved wildlife veterinarian. However, our certified staff are still able to assist and handle those aspects of a research program if necessary.

Hazard Terrain & Ice Traversal

We have developed specialized in-house training and techniques for field worker safety in hazardous backcountry terrains and environments, including working on thin ice. This training is especially useful for winter backcountry workers such as parks/wilderness rangers, military/rescue personnel, guides, and wildlife researchers who may have to negotiate such terrain in the course of their occupations. This includes surviving worst-case scenario accidents in such conditions, and compliments other training and professional certifications such as ice rescue.

Learn how to traverse even the most hostile conditionsLearn the ethical way to trap wildlife and fur-bearers

Arranging Training

We can conduct training sessions at your locations if appropriate, or on our dedicated backcountry training facility at Chip Lake, AB. Our facility has a lodging and dining compound with access to thousands of acres of bush for hands-on field training and exercises.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs, costs and scheduling. We are able to tailor a specific training course for your group based on your interests, environment and background.