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What Are Bobcats

The bobcat, a medium-sized wild cat weighing between 15 to 40 pounds, is increasingly seen across Canada. Because they’re naturally shy, bobcats are not often spotted in urban areas, but still dwell within parts of Calgary, Alberta. They generally avoid humans and are unlikely to attack unless rabid, but they’re attracted to various food sources like small pets, rodents, bird leftovers, and even pet food.

Despite their distinct appearance, many people confuse bobcats with either domestic cats or mountain lions. While attacks on humans are rare, bobcats can become a nuisance and need to be managed. They’re skilled predators and may resort to pets and livestock for food when their natural prey is scarce.

Common bobcat removal requests:

  • Bobcats are eating through my trash
  • Bobcat attacked my dog or cat
  • A bobcat is causing damage to my property
  • Bobcats are getting too close to my children

When to Consider Bobcat Removal

Although bobcats tend to make themselves scarce around humans, they can become comfortable in their environment and not as quick to dart away in the presence of a human. If you do suspect that bobcats are living in your area, do not leave pets outside unattended. Don’t leave out any food that may attract bobcats. If you do spot a bobcat on your property, make loud noises or bang on pots to scare them away – they can be scared off pretty easily, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t return.

If you detect any early signs of a bobcat living on your property in Calgary, Alberta, you should give Animal Damage Control a call for your bobcat removal needs. They are known to cause damage and attack household pets. If detected, please give us a call.

How We Will Solve Your Bobcat Problems

Animal Damage Control has over 30 years of bobcat removal and management experience in Calgary. We provide humane solutions to trap and relocate and bobcats that may be living on or around your property. One of our trained animal experts will conduct an inspection of your property to identify where the bobcat is living and why they’ve chosen to live there.

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