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Wildlife Professionals

Animal Damage Control
Providing professional and effective wildlife solutions
throughout Alberta and Western Canada since 1990.
We are the preferred choice
for all sectors, including industry, agriculture and all levels of government.
Our reputation is built on our ability to resolve conflicts with wildlife quickly and efficiently.
Our broad spectrum of wildlife knowledge and operational field experience makes us a valuable partner to industry operations and scientific research alike.
  • Our Certifications
    and Licenses

    Fully Certified & Licensed

    Our field personnel have extensive government/industry standard training, certification and licensing to be able to perform our jobs safely and effectively under all conditions:

    • WHMIS
    • TDG
    • PCST
    • H2S Alive
    • OSSA BSO
    • Confined Spaces
    • Chainsaw Safety
    • ATV/Snowmobile Safety
    • Swift Water/Ice Water Rescue
    • Standard, Advanced, Wilderness First Aid
    • Wildlife Handling & Chemical Immobilization
    • Provincial Trapping License
    • Federal Boat (PCOC/SVOP) License
    • Federal Firearms License, NR & R
    • Provincial Explosives Blasting License
  • Prime Safety Record

    Excellent Safety Record & Coverage

    ADC has a stellar safety track record built on the extensive training, field experience, and vetting our crew accumulates.

    We have regular re-training programs exceeding industry standards and policies. We also actively contribute to developing effective standards and best practices for safe human-wildlife coexistence.

    We have WCB and full liability coverage.

  • Unique Techniques,
    Skills and Protocol

    Unique Techniques, Skills & Protocols

    Our field personnel are trained in-house in specialized advanced techniques and protocols unique to ADC, including:

    • STARS rescue protocol
    • Field site assessments
    • Off-trial vehicle handling
    • Wilderness/winter bush skills
    • Hazard terrain & ice traversal
    • Large predator safety & awareness
  • CanQual, SECOR
    and ISNetworld


    We an approved commercial contractor on CanQual, ISNetworld and SECOR, for the convenience of our commercial clients.

  • Wildlife Emergency

    Emergency Wildlife Situation Response

    We have a strong reputation in the public & private sector as the #1 professional responder for swiftly dealing with dangerous wildlife situations, whether urban, rural or industrial.

  • Risk Assessment
    and Mitigation

    Problem Wildlife Risk Assessment & Mitigation Planning

    We can assist our clients in assessing landscapes for wildlife risk factors of any type, and formulate and execute comprehensive response and mitigation plans. Examples include:

    • Access/infrastructure risk from beaver activity
    • Human risk from habituated/diseased wildlife
    • Danger from predators at remote work sites
    • Problem wildlife causes and attractants
    • Equipment/structural damage from bird/mammal activity
  • Humane Removal

    Humane Wildlife Removal

    Our reputation is built on our ability to resolve conflicts with wildlife quickly while maintaining a commitment to humane standards and respect for animals.

    We are vet-trained in wildlife handling and chemical immobilization and have extensive experience in successful live trapping and relocation.

    Lethal options are only considered when there are no viable alternatives, and done as humanely as possible with the approval of authorities.

  • Conflict Prevention

    Wildlife Conflict Prevention

    Wildlife-human conflicts sometime stem from a systemic root cause such as an attractant, an uncontrolled source, or an absence of best practices.

    We can investigate, provide and implement recommendations to not only resolve current conflicts but proactively prevent recurrences in the future, removing any continued risk to humans and infrastructure.

  • Sign ID and Tracking

    Wildlife Sign Identification & Tracking

    We have the unique expertise to authoritatively confirm species presence and trace problem wildlife movements from tracks and sign in both winter and summer.

  • Live Trapping
    & Collaring

    Live Trapping & Collaring

    We can assist with humane live-trapping and radio-collaring of any wildlife species for research projects in both urban and rural areas.

  • Population Surveys

    Population Surveys

    We can perform comprehensive wildlife population surveys at any landscape scale.

  • Habitat/Ecosystem

    Habitat Assessment

    We know Alberta's ecosystems like the back of our hand, and can assess natural and anthropogenic habitats in the context of any objective of understanding. Examples:

    • Species-specific landscape behavioural ecology
    • Habitat species assemblages
    • Problem wildlife source/sinks and corridors
    • Habitat risk factors for industrial activities

    We produce Geographical Information Systems (GIS) products and maps to provide our clients with comprehensive data visualizations on our findings.

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