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Wildlife Professionals

We are Animal Damage Control

Providing professional and effective wildlife solutions throughout Alberta and Western Canada since 1990. We are the preferred choice for all sectors, including industry, agriculture and all levels of government.

We Have A Reputation For Getting The Job Done Right!

Our reputation is built on our ability to resolve conflicts with wildlife quickly and efficiently. Our broad spectrum of wildlife knowledge and operational field experience makes us a valuable partner to industry operations and scientific research alike.

Beaver Flooding and damage

Save Valuable Time And Money By Doing It Right

Flooding on your worksite threatens your bottom line. We have been solving beaver damming and flooding on leases and industrial sites for years. We are trained to quickly resolve any damage that is happening on your worksite and get you back to business.

Remove Your Beaver Problem

We don't just wait for the problem to happen,
we think and act proactively.

We are trained in understanding the habits of wildlife, so we can apply that knowledge in not only making sure your worksite is safe and healthy - but keep it that way!

Well Trained, Professional, At Your Service!

Bear Aggression On The Worksite?

Eliminate any threats associated with Bear encroachment.

When it comes to bears, we understand that it's more than just chasing the animals off your worksite or lease. It's about monitoring their habits and analyzing why they are coming to you in the first place. When there is a bear on your worksite it creates a hostile and inefficient workplace.

Save time and money by getting ADC to fix your Bear Threat!

Solve Bear Intrusion

We can work in even the most hostile of environments.

There is no corner of Alberta we are not familiar with. We are trained and equipped to work in any climate at any time of year (or time of day for that matter). The range of animals we can control is from common rodents like muskrat and beaver to protected species like Canada Geese.

We work around the clock so you can get back to work!

Industrial Bird Specialists

We Work Discreetly And Efficiently At Nest Removal

Our team is trained with the higest possible certifications regarding bird infestation and control. We are permitted to remove all nests including protected wildlife such as the Canadian Goose.

Remove Bird and Nest Infestation
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