Woodpecker Removal

A device used for woodpecker management

Woodpecker Deterrent

Animal Damage Control can provide your home with permanent protection from birds that is humane and safe for indoor or outdoor use. We use a combination of visual and audible defense mechanisms to ensure that birds leave and never return.

We are an exclusive partner of BirdX which helps keeps birds away by using sonic technology. BirdX produces a distress sound which creates a “danger zone” covering from one to six acres. We can schedule BirdX to run only during peak season, and we can adjust the intensity in order to best suit your needs.

As a visual deterrent, Whirlybird is our top choice. Whirlybird is a wind-powered spinning bird, designed to deter birds from entering into an area that appears to be the territory of a predator.

Woodpecker can be a major problem for homeowners by causing permanent damage to structure, which eventually leads to other problems around the house. Our humane woodpecker control system is low maintenance and keeps unwanted birds away from your property.

The deterrent system is designed to deter all pest bird species, mainly woodpeckers. We use a combination of both a Whirlybird visual deterrent and an audible speaker system which is adjustable and can be completely customized to the clients needs. It can easily be shut off and on, volume controlled and setup for certain species of birds. It also has a timer and adjustable schedule on it to run at scheduled times or at random. Often, pest birds are problems each year and return each spring to the same house. This system can be a single speaker system or a multi-system speaker for very large homes or structures. Combined with the visual deterrent sits very effective and a one-time fix. As well, we can trap and relocate certain woodpecker which are protected.

Animal Damage Control proudly offers woodpecker control services.

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