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What Are Raccoons

Raccoons are mammals known for their distinctive pointy muzzle and black “mask” around their eyes. Raccoons found in Calgary grow up to 90 cm long and weigh 10 kg. While raccoons typically don’t attack humans, they will grunt, hiss, or even lunge towards you if they are feeling threatened. These creatures are nocturnal animals, so they will often be spotted digging through sidewalk trashcans that have been left out overnight.

Common raccoon removal requests:

  • Raccoon living in chimney
  • Raccoon leaving mess from eating garbage
  • Raccoon living under deck
  • Raccoon causing damage to roof, vent, soffits
  • Raccoon urine and feces on property
  • Raccoons digging holes in yard

When to Consider Raccoon Removal

Although your first priority should be keeping these animals from accessing your home, it is important to ensure that all of them are out before closing off any of their entry ways. The damage caused by raccoons can be significant, especially if the mother is separated from her kits. A frantic female will cause severe damage in a desperate attempt to reunite with her babies. As well, trapped animals will starve to death, leaving an odorous decomposing carcass.

If you detect any early signs of a raccoon living on your property, you should give Animal Damage Control a call for your raccoon removal needs. They are known to cause property damage, dig through your garbage, leave messes, and breed on your property.  Early detection can prevent the situation from worsening.

How We Will Solve Your Raccoon Problems

Animal Damage Control has over 30 years of raccoon removal experience in Calgary. We provide humane solutions to trap and relocate and raccoons that may be living on or around your property. One of our trained animal experts will conduct an inspection of your property to identify any points of entry.

We only humane live cage traps or traps with one-way doors to remove the raccoons, as opposed to harmful leg-hold traps. This ensures that we can remove the animal without causing harm or injury while we relocate them safely to a new home.

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